Welcome to Two Stitches

Two Stitches in Chantilly, Virginia




Two Stitches is committed to:

* providing a wide selection of quality handmade products
for all of our customers – from nursery to nursing home!
* carefully selecting quality fabrics in a variety of colors and designs
*making sure our prices reflect the quality of the workmanship and are fair to you, our customers


Thanks for all of the support and enthusiasm in our past seasons.
We met so many new friends – both other crafters and customers.
We heard your requests and are trying to add your suggestions to our booth.

*When you visit our booth at one of the craft fairs this year, be sure to look for the email sign up list.  We’ll be generating an email alert for new products, coupons, or just to say hello!

 This year we have cut back our schedule. It was really difficult to give up shows that we have enjoyed for many years. Along the way we have met so many wonderful friends.  We finally admitted to ourselves that age was making it difficult to keep up.  If we’re not in your area, please call if there is something you would like  or just to say hello!


Our new WSB BAGS (Walker-  Stroller – Bicycle) were a big hit last year!  They are versatile and reversible!  There are two (of the many fabrics available) pictured on the product page. Be sure to check it out!

Have you seen our aprons?  They have become our biggest seller!  They’re reversible, washable and available in hundreds of prints!  We have men’s, women’s and children’s sizes.

Nap mats continue to be popular in lots of new prints and old favorites!  They make great gifts!

Of course we still have hundreds of pillows and cases! As requested I made sure I shopped for more patterns for adults. The blanket and pillow sets are also made for all ages – nursery to nursing home!

The BYOB’s (bring your own bag ) come in many colors and patterns. There is ring on the handle to hold your keys.  The best part is that they eliminate plastic bags that always break in the parking lot! They’re also reversible!

Hanging clothes out on the line can be a drag  BUT  think how great the clothes and sheets smell!   Our adorable clothes pin bags help with the chore.  Our unique fasteners help to keep it on the line and enable it to slide along the line with  you.

Many of you ask why we don’t we sell on line. We have over a thousand different fabrics. It would be impossible to show them all! In addition, we are constantly adding new fabrics. (I’m a proclaimed Fabricholic). If you’d like to order something, please call or email us. We’ll be glad to send pictures so you can preview the items and fabrics. We do not charge you for packing your items.  We charge you ONLY the shipping charges.

Have you joined our APRON CLUB?

It’s so easy! 

Fill out a file card with your name and contact information.

I keep the card in a file box (no keeping track on your part)
and every time you purchase an apron I make note of it.
After you have purchased five, your sixth apron is half price.
When you reach ten, the eleventh apron is FREE!
Phone orders count also.

(Two children’s aprons count as one apron for credit)