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WSB Bags

Walker, Stroller, or Bicycle!

Check out our newest product! It’s a versatile bag which fits over a bar!  It also works on some wheelchairs.  It is reversible so the three pockets can be on the inside or outside!  It comes in many colorful fabrics!

Price: $35.00


Our aprons answer every cook’s needs! 

They’re cute!     
Wear them to entertain!      
Wear them to cook!
They’re reversible!     
Spill something?  No Problem!  They wash beautifully!
They come in many, many fabrics!    
Guys and Gals both are sure to find one!
There are  several styles and sizes!!

Price:  Children’s Sizes:  $19.95 – $29.95

                                                               Adult Sizes: $31.95 – $42.95


SETSWho doesn’t like to snuggle up with his/her very own blanket and pillow?

Our popular sets include a generous (57″ x 60″) fleece blanket and a  travel pillow in matching fleece.  Of course, it is totally washable!

* also available: Extra large fleece blankets which measure 72″ x 60″.
The price for a set is $44.95



Everyone loves a pillow!

Our pillows can all be removed from the washable cases!  The pillows, which are really pillows, not just stuffing, all have washing instructions on them.  The pillow cases all have Velcro so they stay in place.  We have literally hundreds of prints – something for everyone. The pillows are available in the convenient travel size, which is great as a starter pillow for your toddler, or as a neck and head pillow for the car or plane.  Large (24″) pillows are available in many soft fleece prints. The pillows prices range from $15.00 – $28.95

24" pillowstravel pillows






Pre-School Nap Mat

The nap mats are a fan favorite!  They are available in many kid friendly prints!
The convenient removable mattress and pillow make for easy laundering.  The blanket is attached on one side only for safety.  It’s all one piece that rolls into a convenient bedroll with a strap to carry it.

Great for:
*Day Care naps *Sleep-overs at Grandma’s *Cuddling with a good book or TV  *Vacations

Price: $55.95printed pre-school nap matnap mat 2